Get to know brizee

Growing up in small town America in a suburb of OKC, BriZee thrived on music and making her childhood a performing stage for those around her. Growing up, she had several career paving opportunities that gave her the exposure and experience to chase this dream and bring you into her world. From singing at the renowned Apollo Theater in New York to auditioning with American Idol, BriZee has and is always looking for ways to bring her talent to people far and wide. She decided to dive headfirst into bringing you this first EP and is already working to bring you a second taste soon. This beginning has been an experience that has changed her forever. By providing her with a whole other set of opportunities and possibilities to make her voice heard, BriZee says this is just the beginning. She is already working to make sure you get a second dose of the BriZee you are coming to know and love.